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Gordon Thomson
(Anthony Shaw). During a career that has spanned more than 50 years, Gordon’s work has taken him from Toronto to Rome and from London to Los Angeles. He has performed in all media, including radio documentary, television drama, and the Shakespearean stage of the Stratford Festival. From Orton to Turgenev, Coward to Ibsen, he has leapt from one extreme —  Jesus in Godspell — to another — Adam Carrington in Dynasty. (‘Adam’ won him a Golden Globe nomination; ‘Jesus’ was its own reward!) He has had the good fortune to perform in the highly pressured arenas of weekly repertory theatre as well as the rigors of daytime drama, particularly the superbly written Santa Barbara. Gordon more recently appeared in the Oscar-winning Little Miss Sunshine, and Wolfgang Petersen's Poseidon… a very healthy and satisfying gamut! Gordon originated the role of Anthony Shaw in the Highways world premiere of Bloodbound earlier this year.

Mathew Dunlop
(Young Anthony) is an actor / visual artist, and creator of the theatre group Projekt Antihero; which specializes in staging original material, short works and classical plays, most recently Enough To Make a Whore Forswear Her Trade. This is his second collaboration with Michael Kearns and Mark Bringleson, and he is grateful to them both for an opportunity to be in this most recent production. He has studied theatre and art at American University of Rome, UW-Milwaukee, British American Drama Academy, and is entering École International de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in the fall. Notable film credits include Curtain Down, Pester (Mexico International Film Fest Golden Palm Award), and Billy Club. Upcoming projects include Shangri-L.A., Garden Dayze, and Betting on Amanda, which will release within the next year.

Dean Howell
(Vincent Shaw). Dean’s most notable Los Angeles theatre experiences include the west coast premiere of Album (Cast Theatre), complications and Self Help (Highways), There’s No Place Like House (Zephyr), Monday After The Miracle (Stella Adler Theatre) Tawdry Tales (Hudson Theatre), Balm in Gilead (Road Theatre), and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Albee and All Souls Trilogy (Playwrights Arena). Dean’s regional credits include Brick in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, Freddy in Noises Off, and Weston in Fifth of July. Dean adapted and directed the gay-indie movie Nine Lives based on Michael Kearns’ play complications; the movie has been seen in over 40 film festivals worldwide.
Film/TV: Days Of Our Lives, Santa Barbara, The Flesh And The Devil, A Different World, Inside Out, Little Heroes, Little Heroes 2, Out Of Mind, Letter to My Mother, Aurora, Junkies, Secret Places, Cellblock Sisters (no, it’s not a porn film), and The Hill Gang.

Josh Allen Goldman
(Young Vincent) is an actor and writer who graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland where he studied Media and Communication. After years of overachieving, he decided he would rather play a law student on TV than actually be one. He loves to tell stories about LGBTQ+ life, identity politics, and millennials growing into fully-functioning adults. He can be seen as the title character in the upcoming absurdist series Namas Dei: The Tucker J James Story, in the upcoming film Don't Frighten The Horses, about the need for queer safe space, and the pilot Grounded, about dating in the age of smartphones. If he could have one superpower it would be explaining white male privilege to people. Josh is very excited to make his theatrical debut in Bloodbound and wants to thank Mark and Michael for this opportunity, even though they're making him sing and dance.

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